Classe 1974

After a brilliant career as a race car driver and receiving an entrepreneurial education within the family firm, the present Gruppo Peroni Race, he founded in 1997, Peroni Promotion Driving Experienceat only 21 years old, the Peroni Promotion Driving Experience, the first Guida Sicura and Fuoristrada school of the Rover - Land Rover Group (Rover - MG - Mini - Land Rover).

In 2000, he expands the production of events from the Motorsport and Automotive world towards the B2C and B2B with corporate projects at 360 degrees, availing himself of the help of Massimo Mercuri who would later become partner of Gruppo Peroni Eventi.

At present, Peroni holds the position of CEO, as well as the institutional position of Vice President.

He is responsible for the economic, financial, and legal aspects of the company, he oversees the public and private tenders, coordinates the two seats in Rome and Milan with activities pertaining to the company’s functional and strategic direction towards new business, such as Information Technology and the GPE’s certification of quality. Peroni combines an analytical and scrupulous mind with research of the highest standards, doing business in a dynamic and evolutive way.

Thanks to his personal and professional experience in the automotive sector, he is a point of reference for the prestigious car manufacturers, that have been placing their trust in Gruppo Peroni Eventi for years.



Born in 1973.

After receiving his degree in Economics and Trade, Mercuri immediately starts his career as a business strategy consultant in the sector of luxury goods, working on international projects of Mercuri oversees the business per brand italiani dell’alta gioielleria e delle Luxury Carbusiness development for high-class Italian jewelry and luxury car brands. Completing his studies in the States, he then arrives in the world of events together with Fabian Peroni in 2000, first as a consultant, and from 2008 onwards as a partner of Gruppo Peroni Eventi.

To date, with 18 years of experience in the events world, he holds the operative position of General Director and the institutional role of GPE President.

The company’s commercial and creative spirit, Mercuri oversees the business and public relations and attentively follows all the project planning at the firm and the management of the events between the project managers in Rome and Milan, coordinating the phase of conception and overseeing the realization process.

Handling the company’s expansion guidelines with a transformative and innovative approach, he his interpretation of doing business anticipates the clients’ needs and objectives.

Drawing on his own professional and personal experience abroad, he plays a leading role in the development of the company’s international business.