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The production of this two-day event was assigned to Gruppo Peroni by competition. The agency was responsible for all aspects of the event (concept, production, logistics, and hospitality), the occasion for which was born from the opening of the MBI headquarters in Rome, together with the annual convention of the Mercedes dealers, dedicated to automobile retailers and vans retailers. The convention took place at the new HEADQUARTER where the agency set up a meeting room. This cubic building structure hosted an oval stage surrounded by a gallery. In this way, the distance between the speaker and the audience was minimized to underline the relationship of collaboration and teamwork between dealer and brand. During the lunch break, the guests had the opportunity to participate in a cooking show. The master chefs (Davide Oldani - Domenico Stile - Heinz Beck) took turns preparing requested dishes. Besides, a buffet was set up, which gave the guests a chance to travel among the smells of Italian tradition.

The gala dinner, on the other hand, took place at the Chiostro del Bramante. The welcoming aperitivo and the buffet were hosted in the loggia upstairs, while the welcoming speech and the performance by Marco Barry took place in the courtyard. The location was carefully showcased by the light designers of the agency, contributing to the creation of the evening’s lounge atmosphere.


Mercedes-Benz Italia