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The theme of the road and travel was the leitmotif of the event: perfect for telling the winning evolution of the brand, the changes awaiting the SalesForce, and to give the right energy to face the future. In a television studio, PETRA LOREGGIAN - ironic and overwhelming voice of RDS conducted the live event for over two hours. The format had a fast pace thanks to an ad hoc written lineup and video contributions made to immerse viewers in the atmosphere of a road trip. The scenography was composed of an enveloping screen, personalized and in continuous movement and a Pulsee Interview Table for chatting with speakers in a “David Letterman Show” style with colourful cups and unexpected questions. For the public from home, there were many surprises and moments of interactivity: the "TRAVEL STOP" where you can put yourself to the test, the sparkling interviews with the speakers, the institutional interventions of the Management and the moment "TRAVEL MEETINGS" with MATTEO SARZANA - General Manager Deliveroo Italia, who as a tireless traveller, communication expert and excellent team player, provided the Axpo and Pulsee Sales Network with a unique point of view on challenges, courage, and resourcefulness. This event saw all the public connected from their devices. Still, it was able to use technology at the full service of the message, involving over 200 connected agents from all over Italy and made real protagonists of the appointment.




July 2021