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Gruppo Peroni Eventi was responsible for three road shows with 12 consecutive stages which involved more than 1700 participants in various Italian cities, among which Turino, Milan, Rome, Padova, Bologna, Naples, and Catania, with a staff of more than 20 people that worked contemporaneously at the various stages, at times simultaneously with two teams created ad hoc. A dynamic and engaging project planned entirely by the agency which was responsible for both the management and logistics.

To be underlined is the particular attention paid to the strategic choice of locations and the creation of a scenography with strong technological impact by using 6 meter long LED screens and an accurate light design to highlight the architectural characteristics of the various building structures. The choice and the training of the staff was realized by combining professionalism and problem solving skills, with the aim to provide staff able to handle the complexity of the three road shows and to support the client’s needs, under the directory of Massimo Mercuri - President and Managing director of Gruppo Peroni Eventi.





Torino | Milano | Roma | Padova | Bologna | Napoli | Catania


June 2019