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The first E-Prix of Rome has exceeded all expectations: 35 thousand spectators along the track created ad hoc in the area EUR, and at least 12 thousand admissions to the Roma Convention Center “La Nuvola”. The excellent result has made sure that the event will be hosted in the Italian capital for the next 5 years. It’s a proud moment for Gruppo Eventi Peroni and PalazziGas Events, which succeeded, in an event as complex as this one, to ensure the success of the production and the management of the fan zone and the conclusive gala.

The Allianz-E Village opened its gates to the public with a design created ad hoc by the two agencies, and which demanded at least 120 hours of preparation. Highlight of the Allianz E-Village has been the startup zone inside the “Nuvola”, organized by Palazzigas and Gruppo peroni in collaboration with Alberto Luna, the co-organizer of Maker Faire, the largest industrial fair 4.0 in Europe, and board member of Talent Garden, the largest European network of co-working spaces for digital companies with 23 campuses in eight European states. Here, Formula E enthusiasts had the opportunity to discover innovative solutions for energy saving, as well as new technological trends: from cars fuelled by solar energy, and anti-smog varnishes, to new solutions for the disposal of waste products and revolutionary ideas for the transport of goods. Visitors could also admire drones, 3-D printers, and mechanical arms controlled by a simple device. Robotics, E-mobility, technology applied to health care and artificial intelligence, on the other hand, were the topics discussed in the Allianz talks, moments of discussion and thorough examination that enriched the program of the event.

Hugely successful was the Gaming Arena, where it was possible to compete with the pilots on Formula E simulators, and the Drive Zone, with the latest electric and hybrid vehicles. On the terrace of the “Nuvola”, an area for relaxing and yoga classes was installed. Scattered everywhere the Charge Zones, where visitors could charge their smartphones and relax.

Sotto l’attenta regia delle due agenzie, tante le performance musicali che hanno animato il grande stage fino al momento delle premiazioni. Federico Baroni e Setak sono sono alcuni degli artisti che contribuito alla riuscita di questa due giorni. Marching Band, performance di Skaters e Bikers hanno creato l’atmosfera giusta che ha accompagnato il pubblico dalla competizione alla premiazione.

The E-Prix of Rome closed with an exclusive gala dinner at the prestigious Villa Miani. The experience acquired by the two agencies was reflected in their success in satisfying the needs of clients of all nationalities. The location hosted a total of 800 guests, among which Alejandro Agag (president of the automobile premiership), Jean Todt, Sienna Miller and Prince Albert of Monaco. Presenter of the evening was Nicki Schields, the famous reporter from the pit lane of Formula E, and, as a special guest, the DIV4S.


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