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Samsung Galaxy S4 – Launch Event

Many guests and a big party to welcome the newest Samsung product. An event where technology was the primary protagonist that, with its impactful and evocative power, gave life to the concept that exalts the latest Samsung smartphone as a life companion. The Superstudio Più in Via Tortona in Milan was the frame of the launch event for the new Samsung Galaxy 4, the organisation of which was won by Eventually agency. The event was structured in two parts: the first part, from 7 pm onwards, was reserved for stakeholders, clients, and the press; the second part, from 10 pm onwards, always by invitation, consisted of a large party, with more than 3000 people present, for the target consumers in honour of the new arrival of the latest Samsung product A web app for registration, many guests, Alessandro Cattelan as a presenter, Raffaella Carrà as a special guest, Benny Benassi as deejay guest, Davide Oldani as chef guest, as well as other supporting acts. The set up for the presentation of the product was conceived as a large circular arena with a round platform at the centre, which in turn was a central point composed of an installation of vertical LED MiStrip lighting, as high as 4,5 metres, “which constituted the heart of the event, the technical element around which the concept of the event evolved”