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Samsung Galaxy S7 – Launch Event

Samsung Galaxy S7, Milan with its eyes, turned to the sky for the city’s first laser show. An event without precedents that gave to the city of Milan a unique spectacle where an explosion of sounds and lights reached the skyscrapers of Porta Nuova, with the inclusion of 20.000 people on the occasion of the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S7. This was the first laser show ever seen in Europe that redesigned the metropolitan skyline to the notes of Waveforms, an original composition by Andro (Negramaro), with the extraordinary participation of Sergio Carnevale from the Bluvertigo, the violinist Mauro Pagani, and Lele Sacchi, as well as the DJ set with Fatboy Slim. With a tangle of laser lights that connected the area of Porta Nuova and reached the Samsung District building, the skyscrapers Bosco Verticale and Solaria, the Palazzo Della Regione and the UniCredit tower, Samsung created an enormous multi-media installation that exemplified tangibly the concept of connectivity that characterizes the new Galaxy S7. The spectacle was possible thanks to a central cube from the whole show was born. Other light towers dispersed at both ends of the piazza and in the various focal points of the installation, with 260 lasers and more than 400 mirrors distributed at the top of the most important skyscrapers. A system that transported the guests inside a well-rounded experience, with a completely new way of creating content and share special and unique moments, thanks to the novelty of the 360-degree video function available on the new Galaxy S7. Much more than a show, then, the event that took place in one of Milan’s urban areas. On the central stage on top of the cube, various exclusive performances took places, first and foremost the 12-minute musical composition that accompanied the city laser show, and lastly, the magic created by the English DJ Fatboy Slim, who made the whole audience dancing. Eventually was also responsible for the organisation and management of the dinner, prepared by Chef Davide Oldani for the 100 VIPs invited, and which took place on the 39th floor of the Palazzo della Regione Lombardia, and where the president of Samsung Italia officially presented the product.