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The new Quickdrive Samsung was presented in the Italian Capital, inside the Roman aquarium, in an innovative and technological way, infecting with its futuristic vision a historically rich territory such as Rome. It was, in fact, an event based on the set up, the performance, and the presentation of new products and technologies.

Thanks to the architectural lights, the outdoor area of the location embellished the interior space: the guests walked through an experimental tunnel to the room.

The product reveal took place during an elegant and hypnotic performance that seemed to part with the image of a drape spinning inside a washing machine. Fluctuating and fluid movements created by seven performers, dancers and one model whose dress became a surface for the projection of a visually impressive choreography.

The evening was furthermore enhanced by the music provided by Greta Panettieri, and by the sophisticated food prepared by the chef Oldani, and the beauty and talent of Diletta Leotta and Paola Turani. Given that the event was all about innovation, there had to be a digital moment: the posts of the guests present were projected on a wall with the hashtag of the evening.




Acquario Romano