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The entire event, from the welcoming of the guests to the show at the end, took place along a single scenic element: a horizontal structure, long and light, that evoked the spiral movements of DNA molecules, the flexibility and density of a back, the dynamic of a particle accelerator.

The shape was used to visually represent the creation process in which the assembling line becomes the horizon on which the life of the motor takes places. Eventually created a place where the impossible becomes possible.

The video mapping showed the transformation of the DNA, a harmonious union of natural sinuous forms and high-tech structures.

The presentation of Urus was the perfect occasion of creating a big event, an incredible spectacle, but above all, a sensational event of enormous visual impact.

Various elements transformed the concept of the “impossible” into an event:

  • The storytelling: an original story that led the public into the heart of a visually rich and exciting story
  • The Design: to mirror in an original and dynamic way the atmosphere
  • A 3D projection and video mapping : to transform the space into unique and original worlds
  • Drones : for a mesmerizing and original effect
  • Live Performance: actors, dancers, and acrobatic performances

The evening included a welcome aperitif, the show that anticipated the reveal moment, followed by speeches of the CEO of Automobili Lamborghini, and the gala dinner.

Gruppo Peroni Eventi was responsible not only for the planning and the realization of the event but also for the logistics and hospitality.



Automobili Lamborghini