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WE LOVE PHOTO – European Launch smartphone Zenfone 4

Gruppo Peroni Eventi takes on the launch event of the new generation 4 of the Asus smartphones.

Within the evocative setting of Nuvola Fuksas in Rome, Asus presented the new smartphone Zenphone 4 in an international event that involved the participation of all EMEA countries.

More than 800 guests participated, among which journalists, clients, phone operators, and distributors. Without a doubt, the chosen location deeply impressed all visitors for its ability to transmit grandness, innovation and design.

After a quick registration via QR code, the guests were welcomed by an aperitif directly under the Nuvola, after which followed the official presentation in the Auditorium, enlivened by a performance by the Sila Sveta.

A product experience at the exit of the press conference gave the possibility to try out the technical characteristics pertaining to the photographic capacities of the product.

The second part of the event was characterized by a standing dinner and the participation of, and opening to, an audience of more than 2500 people, invited to take part in the performance given by the international DJ Bob Sinclair. An imposing stage, completely covered with LED walls, characterised the Forum area, together with two heart-shaped installations, equally made of LED wall, with a height of over 5 metres. The video content created for this occasion highlighted the set-up creating an immersive and gripping visual show.

An imposing administrative machine also involved the logistics department of Gruppo Peroni that organised the transport and overnight stays for more than 700 guests from seven different European countries. Much attention was also paid to the security measures that required high standards due to the event's format, with over 50 security men responsible for the security checks and 40 hostesses.