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EQC Reveal Tour

A road show with five stages from July to November that starts from the most popular beaches and finishes in Rome and Milan.

The#EQCrevealTour takes place during the BLUE HOUR, that is, in the warm lights during sunset, and in addition to a test drive, participants can enjoy the BLU party, an exclusive aperitivo party with a DJ set organized by Radio Monte Carlo.

  • Marina di Punta Ala, Piazzetta del Porto – 9-18 Luglio
  • Golfo Aranci, Via dei Marinai – 7-16 Agosto
  • Marina di Pietrasanta, Via Lungomare Roma – 21-30 Agosto
  • Milano, Piazza XXV Aprile – 6-12 Ottobre
  • Roma – Novembre

Mercedes-Benz Italia


Toscana | Sardegna | Lombardia | Lazio


August 2019